Breakthrough Public Process

October 29, 2013 3 Comments

We work in close partnership with the Barr Foundation.  I appreciated this video of my friend Rahn Dorsey, the foundation’s evaluation director, articulating three keys to breakthrough on complex public conversations.  I specially like that Rahn’s understanding that even when the will for change is strong, it takes good process to make a way.

It is very likely that you have heard about Boston’s history with busing and school desegregation.  It is hard to overstate how loaded a topic this is.  And it is amazing that good people can no point to good progress.

This video was originally featured by the Barr Foundation.


  • Jon Gilburg says:

    What a great lesson for civic leaders. Focus on building trust through a process that incorporates transparency (and meaning making) of data, and ensuring any and all people can be a part of the process. And finally, we don’t need our public institutions to solve our complex, loaded, historic problems: we need them to “hold the space” with integrity so we can do it ourselves

  • maanav says:

    Go ahead Rahn!

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