Dear Friends of IISC

October 19, 2012 Leave a comment

The following is a message from Ceasar McDowell, the new president of the Interaction Institute for Social Change.

Dear Friends of IISC,

Ten years ago when I was going through a critical stage in my life, a friend asked me what I would consider to be my dream job.  My answer was pretty simple.  I wanted to lead an organization whose primary work was to design processes for complex collaborative efforts aiming at advancing social justice, equity and democracy.  I wanted to do this in an organization where issues of power, privilege and race were central, not only to the work we did in the world but in how we engaged with each other to do that work.

And, of course, I wanted the organization to look as diverse and complex as the world with which it was engaging.  Such are dreams.  How was I to know that ten years later I would be asked to assume the leadership of the one organization that for nineteen years has been building the track record and capacity to meet this aspiration?

We are living in a time of great possibility, where our potential to connect across and through our differences has never been greater.  If we are able to live into this potential we will be able to create a just, peaceful, and loving world.  But we need help getting there and I can already see that as a result of many years of hard work and innovation, IISC has developed the knowledge, tools and skills that can help all of us in the world reach our potential for working and living together.

As we head into the final months of 2012, we are celebrating our leadership transitions – a new board of directors, a new president – and we are taking stock of how best to use the knowledge and tools of IISC to bring greater benefit to the world. As a friend of IISC, I hope you will join us in this effort by sharing your thoughts with me about the work we do and how we do it, or about anything else that you are moved to share.

Ten years ago, through the encouragement of a friend, I gave voice to a dream.  Little did I know that it was already in the making. I feel blessed to be leading IISC and the incredible team of professionals we have on staff, on contract, and on the board – all of whom are dedicated to doing this important work.  Together, with your help, we will make a difference in our efforts to advance social justice, equity, and democracy.

I look forward to hearing from you, to meeting you, and – most of all – to engaging in this work together.



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  • Cynthia Silva Parker says:

    And, I feel blessed to have you at the helm as we prepare for the next leg of our journey!

  • Eileen Mayko says:

    I second Cynthia’s comment! I look to the future with excitement and inspiration.

  • Curtis says:

    Here’s to “our” future!

  • Beautiful to see your message to the IISC community. You describe the power of holding a vision so eloquently and we are all truly blessed that you are living out that vision by leading IISC. I know that the work will be enriched and deepened because of the alchemy between you, the organization and the community.

  • Gibran says:

    We are on our way!

  • Meizhu Lui says:

    Wow! I cannot think of a better person to lead IISC into the future – OUR future. Progressive community activists have learned that you can’t have justice without using processes based on respect and trust. Marianne, the visionary founder, made the bold move of helping us all put LOVE at the center of our work. Carry it on!

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