Design for Serendipity

May 10, 2011 Leave a comment

I am thoroughly enjoying The Power of Pull: How small moves, smartly made, can set big things in motion.  Here is a quote I just read:

“Shaping serendipity requires bringing together three elements:  environments, practices, and preparedness.”

Imagine a serious book that speaks of “shaping serendipity” as an essential skill for those of us who seek to thrive in the 21st century?  These truly are amazing times.  I have lots to say about this outstanding book, but I jumped to write this note because it directly speaks to some of our most exciting work here at IISC.

We are often called to design and facilitate occasions for serendipity, exciting intersections that make innovation possible.  The design and facilitation of environments in which people can practice ways of creating better futures is indeed some of the most exciting work one could do.  It is work that takes skills, it takes intention and attention and it is work that demands an almost radical trust in the power of good people when they are brought together with purpose.

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