Generations Co-Evolving

February 1, 2013 Leave a comment

“You want to be engaging with people whose mind is alive, whose consciousness is alive, and who are seeking to create something.” – Carol Sanford

Carol Sanford – Generations learning from other Generations from Choosing 2Lead on Vimeo.

My colleagues and I find ourselves in many rooms with change agents of different generations.  Occasionally we will see conflict arise around differing styles and approaches.  Older generations may lean heavily on the notion that “this is the way we’ve always done it” or that new means and methods (social media, for example) are just a passing trend.  Younger generations may look at their elders as out of touch with the times, lacking in a new analysis, etc.  Thus, even when a common goal is held, an attitudinal gap can result in an unwillingness to work with and learn from one another.

Carol Sanford is the author of The Responsible Business, an accomplished organizational consultant, and evolutionary thinker. I very much appreciate and share her perspective that everyone has something to teach others as they act out of their essence. And I share her passion for work that is fundamentally about helping one another come alive, develop, and embrace a living systems orientation. Our social change work and our lives have much to gain from the dynamic dialogue of generational perspectives.  Enjoy!

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