Letting Music Go Free

October 20, 2010 Leave a comment


Is it ok to brag about one’s clients?  It better be!  I’m so proud that I have done work with Community Music Works!  The front page of today’s Boston Globe highlights the power of letting music go free.  Our First Lady just bestowed the National Arts and Humanities Youth Programs Award to Community Music Works, just a month after its founding director, Sebastian Ruth was awarded the McArthur Genius Award!

I’ve been doing more and more work with arts organizations lately – events like Creative Change and groups like the Arts and Democracy Project.  I’ve been seriously considering the role of the arts in our quest for social transformation, and I have to agree with my future wife, Samantha Tan, who is an artist herself – “We’ve exhausted out left-brain approach, linearity found its limits and the problems that we face are now calling on our full self, art is the way.”

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