Tapping Collective Genius

September 20, 2016 1 Comment

Learn more about Collaboration for Equitable Outcomes

Realize Collective Genius

It’s not too late for us to create a world that is better for future generations using collaborative change. To do this, we need everyday leaders who shift power dynamics towards justice, weave vibrant networks, and magnify love.

Our fate is shared and ALL voices must be empowered to realize our collective genius. Collaborative Change Agents ask, who is not here? What perspectives are missing?

Diversity and difference strengthen solutions. Collaborative change agents work skillfully with and through networks to make change.

Collaborative Change Agents practice treating themselves and those around them with dignity, respect, and the love that every person deserves.

Collaborative change increases trust. People can come together, resolve conflicts, and make the world a better place for all.


Discussions Across Differences

Never before have people with such varied histories been so intimately connected, whether because they live in a densely populated urban area or because they are linked online. Communities are struggling together with immense complex problems, from childcare to climate change. This makes being willing and able to facilitate meaningful discussions across differences one of the most important leadership skills of the 21st century.

We offer networks, organizations, and individual leaders the collaborative change tools to create the conditions for Facilitative Leadership so that people can work together to achieve a common goal. This helps groups and leaders to shift power dynamics, build adaptive networks, and magnify love as a force for social change.


Towards Racial Equity

To achieve racial equity we know that action must be taken at the personal, interpersonal, institutional, and structural levels at which racism occurs. At IISC we leverage the deep experience of our staff working directly on issues of racial justice with our shared approach to collaboration, public engagement, network building, change process design, and facilitation to impact racism at institutional and structural levels. We prepare leaders, organizations, and networks to take skillful and collaborative action towards achieving racial equity.

We challenge leaders, organizations, and networks to stretch beyond a focus on diversity to inclusion and equity. Our approach builds skills within organizations and networks to take action on distribution of power, addressing inequitable outcomes, and correcting/preventing systemic and structural inequities.

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