#the4thBox Cut-out Edition

April 26, 2016 1 Comment

Recently our staff and board came together for an annual meeting. Part of the day was spent exploring racial equity projects happening across the organization. That was the first time we tried a prototype of the Cut-out Edition of #the4thbox. It opened up conversations on everything from analyzing “the isms” to creative ideas to create the liberated, equitable world we want.

We hope that you find this helpful, as you support people to have these conversations and imagine a better world.

Download the4thbox Cut-out Kit



  1. Cut out the various pieces in this kit, and rearrange them to illustrate a new idea related to equity and social justice.
  2. Tape or glue them to the last sheet in the kit.
  3. Snap a photo and tweet or FaceBook it using #the4thbox!


Draw and add additional objects to extend the metaphor.

Draw your own people to address. questions of identity and difference

Draw a new setting on a blank piece of paper.

Explore the meanings of each element of the metaphor as you think about your own vision.


From IISC’s Facilitators

“Working for racial equity is a whole-person, whole-organization experience. We have to work on our own hearts and minds; our hands (skills and behaviors); AND our organizational policies, structures, and processes. We have to be flexible and focus on multiple dimensions at the same time.” – Cynthia Silva Parker

“It is so easy to identify and analyze and work on  elements of injustice and inequity. For many of us, it is hard to envision liberation or freedom–What does it look like? How does it feel? Try asking a group to imagine a moment they have felt free and to crystallize that in #the4thbox.” – Miriam Messinger

“The bad news about unconscious bias is that it is wired deeply into the structure of our brains. And that wiring influences our conscious decision making and action in ways we don’t perceive. (That’s what makes it unconscious!) The good news is that with commitment, strategies, and a little help from our friends and colleagues, we can rewire our brains and reduce our biases.” – Cynthia Silva Parker


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